24 Nov

OKAY, like the title states, this is a product that I swear by. I have not been into make up for that long, and I used to never use any kind of base or primer on my eyes and face. After getting a little more serious about my make-up skills, I came to find out that I need a base to get my desired look. I know tons of people like using Urban Decay’s Primer potion. I have seen reviews and I’m sure it works wonders, but I try to stick to budget when purchasing my cosmetics.

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I prefer the “WHITE” option, but there is also “WHITE PEARL” AND “SKIN TONE”.You don’t have to apply a lot, for the base to work. This really does make your shadow look more vivid, and it will last all day. My little .25 OZ jar has last me almost a year and I have yet to use it all.

Like I mentioned before, I like to stick within my budget, I am a single parent and I have other financial obligations beside my make-up fetish! This eyeshadow base is only $7.00, and works like it should be more. If you have yet to try this product then hurry up and do it!!

Find the product here!


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