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24 Nov

OKAY, like the title states, this is a product that I swear by. I have not been into make up for that long, and I used to never use any kind of base or primer on my eyes and face. After getting a little more serious about my make-up skills, I came to find out that I need a base to get my desired look. I know tons of people like using Urban Decay’s Primer potion. I have seen reviews and I’m sure it works wonders, but I try to stick to budget when purchasing my cosmetics.

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I prefer the “WHITE” option, but there is also “WHITE PEARL” AND “SKIN TONE”.You don’t have to apply a lot, for the base to work. This really does make your shadow look more vivid, and it will last all day. My little .25 OZ jar has last me almost a year and I have yet to use it all.

Like I mentioned before, I like to stick within my budget, I am a single parent and I have other financial obligations beside my make-up fetish! This eyeshadow base is only $7.00, and works like it should be more. If you have yet to try this product then hurry up and do it!!

Find the product here!


Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque

19 Jul

This is a product that I swear by and would recommend to anyone! I have tried a few different masques such as mud and cucumber, but this is the one that I have settled with. My mother suggested I try it and that was great advice. I consider my skin type to be “normal”, because I have never had excessively oily or dry skin and i do not have an issue with acne. Due to the fact that I don’t have any skin problem in particular to correct, my use of face masques are just to clean my skin and make it feel refreshed. Queen Helene’s masque does just that. It smells of mint and its as if you can feel the formula cleaning out your pores!  The masque is not at all gritty and goes on really smooth. It dries pretty fast. The instructions suggest that you keep it on for about 15 minutes before washing it off with warm water, but sometimes I keep it on a little longer. When you do rinse it off, I promise you, your face will feel so clean and rejuvenated!

I usually purchase mine at Walgreens for about $5 BUT I just found out that you can find it at Ulta for $4. They also sell a few other skin care products!