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22 Oct

wow, shooting a dog? I guess so.




Lady has had quite the life. Veterinarian Karen Johnson believes she’s 10-years-old. So far, her years on this earth haven’t all been pleasant.

“She ran into the middle of the street, my instinct was to run after her,” says Kristell Stout who’s been feeding Lady for three years.

During that time, Lady has called the streets of Roseville her home. Kristell says she will never forget the first day they met.

“From day one, I fell in love with her and tried my hardest to lookout for her.”

Kristell has been feeding lady five days a week, recently laid off she didn’t want to leave Lady behind.

Stout called Gary Sawyer a local animal rescuer to help catch the dog.

“I called to tell them I was on the way and they told me the dog was hit by a car, we went on a search for it,”…

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Hello world!

19 Jul

Hey to everyone!,

I just decided to make a WordPress blog because my website was coming along so slow, and I had to pay for it all the while. This set up will be so much easier for me to manage and for me to :share” my content with you guys! I just got done moving all my post over here, and hopefully I will be able to do a  lot more reviews in the future. Im doing this just to share things that I like, and to have a “grown up” thing to do when I have free-time. Anyway hope you all enjoy whatever randomness I decide to post on here!!